Build Tips

Brakes - Willwood / AP Alternative. Rear Bias solution for Sierra brakes
I purchased Colin's white stylus. I recently upgraded the brakes as I found the standard sierra ones very heavy. After some research I bought hispec motor sport's 260 kit (4 pot callipers on 260mm discs). this was a lot cheaper than Willwood or AP racing equivalents @ circa 450 including pads
and mounting brackets. They also fit perfectly under the 14" minilites The new front brakes were much better but consequently unbalanced the car. my local garage knows Fords very well and suggested using the rear pistons from an estate sierra ( they have 2mm bigger bores but are interchangeable with all other sierra pistons) This seems to have worked and avoided the need for
a bias valve, and at 12 each was a cheaper alternative.

Miles  Youdan

Body Fitting - Escort Axle car (helps on De Dion car too)
When fitting the body to the standard escort axle car, make sure the car's suspension is loaded. the panhard rod means the axle moves sideways when it's not loaded and the axle is 'hanging'. To ensure the body lines up with wheels and arches have the car sat on the ground holding it's own weight.

Ford Zetec - E Cam Shaft Removal
Undoing the torx socket bolts that fix the pulleys to the camshafts can be difficult. Although locktight is not used by Ford, they can be problematic to undo. Once undone, the pulleys come off the taper easily. If they do not want to move with a torx driver, use a disc cutter to cut a slot across the face of the bolt. Depth of slot about of the bolt thickness. Then the bolt will unscrew easily using a hammer & drift. Unscrew it immediately while it is still hot, it helps. Cut a little more if they refuse to undo. Heat cycling, extension bar & shock treatment all failed for me. The slot method was much quicker, easier and safer than heat cycling or shock (hammer) treatment.

John Vinnicombe

Track Rod End Rubbers
I (Chris Chapman) was recently checking over my Stylus with Toyota 4A-GE ready for an MOT, when I noticed the track rod end boots were perished. This is the second time I have had to replace these & the car has only covered approx.1000 miles. Speaking with a colleague who runs a Rickman Ranger (escort steering rack) he has suffered the same problem countless times. We both decided that the original rubber boots are poor quality.
I have just fitted a pair of 'Energy Suspension' polypropylene boots, which are a direct replacement for the original items, but should last much longer.
I would advise everyone to change these, as perished boots could cause an MOT

I bought mine from Rally Design  Tel: 01795 531871  or
they cost 3.80 + vat per pair. Have included 'before & after' pictures.


1. Don't rely on the joint to support the cable.
2. Try to avoid dis-similar metals in contact, particularly if you want them to be a good electrical joint.
3. Cover electrical joints with general purpose or water repellent grease before assembly. The grease does not prevent metal to metal contact (what you want) but it can exclude water and other corrosive fluids to make a very reliable joint.

Click here for a picture of the pedal end of things or here for a picture of the carburettor end.