Angus Johnston

I have been building a Stylus for (wait for it...) eight years! I was in the Navy so had little time to finish the car but have now left and am working for Sunseeker boat sales in Mallorca. SSC are finishing the car for me and it should be ready in May 2004 but I have a problem:

I want to have the car in Mallorca but the Spanish don't seem to recognise anything to do with kit cars as I think it is too much like hard work for them, even though SVA is a Europe-wide system. The other complication is that the car will be RHD.

If I cannot find a way, I may have to sell the car, which would be as akin to selling off my family for scientific experiments!

Sept 2004. I now have some photos from SSC. Hopefully more to follow, including pics of my own unique dashboard creation. The colour, incidentally, is Ford 'State Blue', a very dark pearlescent blue with a hint of purple in certain light conditions.

Engine is an East Links Motorsport 1700 crossflow/supersprint with Sierra 5 speed gearbox and live axle suspension (one of the original Sylva Stylus', even though its only just being finished now!).

March 2005 - My car was completed towards the end of last year by SSC. There are still one or two things that need sorting to get it exactly right but I'm very happy with how it looks, especially with the Ford 'State Blue' paint and tinted headlight fairings. A few photos below, including my own dashboard design.


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