Chris Hill

Stylus wide body de-dion rear with sierra 4x4 LSD
Engine: FORD DURATEC 2.5 24V V6
ECU: MBE 941
Gearbox: TR7 5speed
Brakes: front Brembo 4pot 330mm rear sierra 4x4

After much head scratching and shoe horning , we now have the engine in the chassis, and mated to the gearbox.. Currently having a problem with the sensors and ECU not communicating, but we have had the engine firing! Once the ECU is back from MBE, with the gremlins removed ,we should be back on track .
The suspension has been successfully widened to except a more common offset and the new wider body. It also has had some geometry revisions to get more benefit from ultra low profile tyres (215 45 R17's ) . This mod is now available from SSC , as used on Pete's new race car (Stylus RT).

4/1/03 - The ECU sensor calibration gremlins have been removed, and after a few hours sorting out a basic set up , the engine is now running ...yippee , it sounds amazing !!! We weighed the engine it is just over 120kg , only 15kg more than a Zetec!

9/1/03 - We have found out that our scales have told a fib on the weight of the V6 , how much of a fib I don't know ! I can tell you that I can just about lift it and it is defiantly lighter than a pinto and rover v8 (which I cannot lift... )


SVA done and just the painting a few odds and sods to complete  
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