Eddy Thorley

Eddie Thorley, died just before Christmas 2002 and SSC have been asked by his family if we could sell his car for them.

Stylus 1800 CVH. Sierra stub axles, SSC's pedal box, mark 2 escort axle. Chassis collected March 2001, body collected February 2002.

Prior to collection of kit march 2001, sierra bought for 80 g reg. 1800 CVH stripped at home. Drove round for 20 miles- box good, engine tired. Stub axles-replace bearings-re-con callipers bought-new discs-struts cut and threaded collar welded on to take balljoint. engine-complete strip, decided to use it, strange choice I know but speed days are over, old git 48, plus cheap, and will run on unleaded with no mods. back to engine, crank reground and new
shells, cam belt, cam, water pump etc, bores honed and new rings. Head ok, just clean and grind in valves, stem seals etc.
have day out in Wales ( I'm in Stoke-on-Trent ), keeps boss happy-plus drop off axle at Peter's (Mk 2 escort 3.89 ). Move sierra shell to scrap yard 2 mins away (only 1 week later than promised-boss very understanding and helps). Collect kit sat in march with works tranny and trailer. No problems and nice day out. Back home can't wait to get started. Paint petrol tank-many coats. Build up chassis as per build guide- no problems, turn over chassis-still on trestles and finish assembly. Axle-replace seals-bearings-all new brake parts. continue on
steering column (sierra), floor mounted pedals (Peter's set-up) all seems fine. Offer engine and box to chassis and make up mounts and fit, use golf radiator, many trial fittings etc alternator fouling chassis rails-make bracket to fit higher up-fiddly, but ok on 2nd attempt. exhaust manifold (sierra) used but down pipe cut and welded to fit under floor, straight pipe, bends and back box fabricated to fit in mild steel, to be used as a pattern for eventual stainless version. Mount other items-washer bottle, battery, brake reservoir etc. Purchase wiring loom from premier at Newark show. Body ordered October-pick up Feb. 2002, slight delay due to change of supplier. (what a pleasant place to visit, and nice people too, Peter, his Wife and their staff). Few days later and troops briefed fit body with aid of Caroline (boss), Pete, Sally, Georgina (brother-partner and my sweet little niece only 18 months) many thanks to all. 2 days off to line up and bond. not a job to be rushed and when in good mood. Walked away several times for a cuppa and a think, back to garage and adjust. Fetch glasses (confident) for final measurement-ok. Phew! bond and a stiff drink not shaken or stirred!-took ages for resin to go off-more hardener next time. Check outside-looks ok, finish bonding off. Start on wiring loom installation, fuses and relays to go in a glove box cut out on passenger side. Feb. 2002 problems start, buy written off Astra estate-94-for own use, always done up salvage, sort
out and on the road. Back on kit-stop brother Pete wants front end putting on Astra he's bought (he's as bad as me) weld on and paint job done (bottle of whiskey comes my way) sober up and back on kit, but-boss has fancied a focus for a while now-just happen to call at salvage yard (too near home) see focus bumped on front-too dear-call back days later, Dave and Steve knock 300 off, tempted and say yes. Caroline pleased and away we go on focus. No time on kit when weather is good! focus done. Holidays, start again on my toy and crack on with wiring, cock up on dash lay-out, my fault! back on track-engine starts-sounds ok-clutch stuck-free off in time honoured way. Start on seats, using Intatrim seats along with inertia belts. Make spreader mounting plates to fit at back of seats (photo welding for sva-before sealing and painting). Next job hinges and doors, again followed Peter's advice and file out hinges (slots), fit hinges and test opening using peters alloy bent strips (good idea) hinges clear ok. Fit catches to inners, plus striker bolt (mod), inners shut and open ok and shut line seems ok-slightly tight at top, is this usual?. Use 10 strips and go for it, don't forget cling film!, turns out ok after slight adjustment on drivers side. I have found as long as you follow Peter's advice and take your time that the doors were not the problem that I had expected. Not easy but not too difficult. I'm in trouble, no mugs in house, all in garage, plus 1 big mug, according to boss, and yes I did wash up. Drive out into cul-de-sac (private of course!) and test over 200yds-now looking and feeling like a car, back to work after play time and start making card board patterns for carpets, which will be cut and fitted in warmer weather. Also make panels to fit under dash down to foot wells out of millboard and to be fastened using Velcro. Hoping this covers things up for test. Velcro makes them easy to remove for access under dash. Loads of small jobs done-but nothing looks finished. End of November and buy stolen recovered Astra to make a quick shilling for xmas, boss says she will hide my toolbox and garage key (she's dicing with death, only kidding) on a personal note I am a service engineer, in the hire sector, but mainly service and repair industrial pressure washers and steam cleaners. I previously built a Dutton phaeton (nightmare 20 years ago) and a robin hood (just before sva came in, good kit for the price), sold to buy my retirement toy-a stylus.


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