George Andison

My car is a live axle using escort struts and hopefully a flip front if I have the guts to do it when I get to that stage. The engine is still undecided. The work has just started after a round trip of 730 miles to pick up the chassis from Peter in wet Wales.

Update March 28, 2006:

Engine V8 3.9ltr

After a very quick chassis build I had a 2ltr pinto sitting in the chassiswired up and running.

I then ordered the body shell from Tim turned out to be his first sale a the helm of his new company. Another quick round trip of 700 miles I had the shell and parts to go with it. Body fitted and lined up very easily bonded in before it could move.

I then got a reg document for a Mk2 escort so I decided to change the engine choice to a rover v8 3.9ltr. This resulted in the tunnel and pedal box being removed, got the engine and box fitted and rebuilt the tunnel and pedal box around the engine. I now have the engine running but have built a new plenum chamber to reduce the overall height of the engine so the bulge will not be to large. I have managed to reduce it by 70mm fitted a BMW throttle body to the rear of it jus need to get the throttle pot sorted.

The dash has just been fitted with a set of electric gauges from the states Dolphin Gauges at a price I could not say no to.


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