John Rockey

Car not yet finished but body is on and engine running, wiring and trimming to complete.


Engine: Rover V8 Completely rebuilt by myself with piper road/race cam lightened and balanced flywheel and all new internals.

Carburation: 356 Holly with secondary metering kit to ensure it doesn't go very far on a tankfull.

Running Gear: Brand new sd1 5spd box. Baby atlas axle with a 3.08-1 L.S.D. and 7x14 wheels with 195x65 tyres, and just to be different a Cavalier steering column.

Because of the width of the axle I have got hold of a set of Golf gp1 wheel arches which will fit quite well when I've cut them down and would you believe a front spoiler from an ALLEGRO that I picked up from a Boot Sale for 2.



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