Tony Kirk

Car bought by Tony in 2007 without engine and nackered rear axle. Axle will be replaced by Atlas type with LSD and a Rotary engine will be used. Follow the rebuild progress here.

Burgundy, 2.0 16v Vauxhaul powered. Bought the car as a 'completed' (thats a larf) 16v Vauxhall car. Changed, up rated, finished off or modified just about everything since.
Blew up the engine so decided to put a cossie turbo in it! Now runs 330 horses and 350+ pound of torque! Live axle (it's the best handling live axle car I've ever had/driven and quite possibly the best handling car period!
Recently put in a Quaif ATB and was astonished at the improvement (highly recommended)
Took the head off to up rate the gasket, put hi spec 4 pots on the front and 15" wheels (peugeot offset) and haven't had two bloody minutes to get back on the car since!
Starting to forget what it was like to drive! One memory will stay with me a long time though - ask the owner of the 80 grand 911 GT3 who thought he could take me on!
Will send pics and stuff as soon as I get time.


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