ARB goes East & South

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Re: ARB goes East & South

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H'mmm , I had no clue that the dedion was wider , very strange because the standard axle dedion or not was the English --- can't see why it would have needed spacers with standard arches on your classic :?
What size and off-set are the rear wheels then :?:
Anyway the classic front was never offered wider as a factory option . You could of course have bought the RT kit then converted your classic but I know of no one doing that --- apart from the Stylus DH2 bought 4th hand and was converted at the factory by Tim's employee before Phil bought it.
The front end can be widened as I did or using the standard Escort uprights but with either option , it doesn't all need to be acheived by rockers and wishbones . For instance KevP on here has wider front end simply by using an ET 0 off-set which gave him 30mm more overall than ET 15 's would do. I did a combination of things --- a little wider wishbones & rockers , ally uprights slightly further out , plus the 7 inch wheels and ET 15 off-set. Then obviously took height out of the arches plus flared out to cover the tyres.
I preferred widening less than an RT because I didn't want a complete spray job adding to the costs . I was very careful to only paint the flared width and about 10mm's of the existing bodywork which isn't difficult unless of course the '' concours '' finish is important to you ---- you can't see my paint join unless you look close up , plus I've touched up several times due to gravel splatter from being on track .
So MattD is awaiting developement of my top rocker jig and already has my wishbones and 'dern' is waiting for wishbones for his mad mazda rotary beast :P Well ------- it's cold in my shed :lol:
I just love the Stylus but she keeps swallowing £££ !
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