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I took the car down to get the camber set last weekend, the shop said that the bottom joints were seized solid, so that was aborted. I ordered up so new joints, and set about what I thought would be a git of a job, I decided to take the whole A arm off as I could attack it easier etc. the 1st one was a bit tight but came out with a squirt of plusgas and a whack on the end of the joint to loosen the thread. Out and back in within 45mins ( good stuff me thinks) took the second one out, and wehey no problem, but the sucker punch was coming, a sodding l/h rod end in a r/h box :x luckily the old rod end was ok so I've put it back until the shop can order me the correct one.
The moral of this storey, check the rod ends in the box, not just the box part number.


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Been there, done that :D I wonder if they do it on purpose, putting random ends in random boxes!

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Re: Arrrgh!!!!!!!!

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You can set camber yourself very easily without special equipment. Lay a long spirit level butt end on the concrete , tight next to the tyre. Then lean the top towards the tyre wall -- where it touches , mark with chalk and measure from chalk to ground -- it may measure say 560mm's. Lean the spirit level out at the top(keeping the bottom touching the tyre wall) ----------- stop and measure from spirit level to chalk mark , when the bubble shows vertical . It may be say - 10mm's .
Now you have values to work out what in mm's 1 degree is equal to. Treat the 560mm's as the radius of a circle , then using the circumference of a circle formula of 2 pi R (2 x 22 div 7 x radius), you will get a figure of 3519.04 mm's. One quarter of this figure will represent the approximate 90 degrees/quarter circle between ground and upright wheel tyre .
Now 1/4 of that is 879.76mm's . Divide that by 90(as in degrees) and you get 9.775mm's is 1 degree ------------------- easy.
That's it ---- so 1.5 degrees negative will need a measurement from spirit level to chalk mark of 14.662mm's .

Once the picture is in your head of a circle , with the concrete floor to tyre right angle representing 1/4 circle , it will seem a doddle. I worked this method out myself when being too mean to buy the special equipment for setting up race cars. A friend with that equipment used for a circuit racer , checked my set up , assuming it couldn't possibly be accurate . After doing it twice he said , '' bloody hell it's spot on Rob '' TRY IT :P
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