Sierra upright lower ball joint

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Sierra upright lower ball joint

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I posted the text below on the Sylva forum, but would like it posted here for more comment.

Ady has replied, I include all the dialogue todate:

I bought a Stylus from Pete Powell just before he sold the business to
Tim, I bought the classic style with live axle.

I am nearing completion and getting everything tightened up etc for a
MOT then SVA. I got the car as a rolling chassis and so did not put
the front suspension and hubs together myself, now I am setting toe
in, camber etc.... I have come across a rather serious problem.

The car has sierra front hubs, the lower ball joints have always been
lose, this making it easy to adjust when the time came. I was setting
the camber up and took the lower ball joint out of the hub and
discovered the is a "shim" for the taper into the hub (on the ball
joint shaft) - this I find very strange and been advised is a very
dangerous practise.

Does anyone have a Stylus with sierra front hubs, what lower ball
joint is fitted? Are the conical shims a standard practise or just a
bodge to deliver a rolling car to me?

Is there is a lower ball joint that fits correctly? I see that a part
number is quoted on the Club Stylus site, but is that for a Sierra

Another problem having a spacer/shim, to make a tight fit in the hub,
causes is the you cannot tighten the nut as the shaft just spins -
this being as it never gets wedged in the hub taper (the spacer/shim

Any advice welcome.

The car has a zetec 1.8 fitted, I put is 2.0l cams and a fuel
injection kit - should be a reasonably fast car when on the road.


Oh I am building a R1ot as well(hope to race it), I see there are
changes at Sylva, Jeremy going strong and very helpful.

On Jan 6, 10:32 am, Ady <> wrote:
> Hi Q
> Yes my Sierra based Stylus uses conical shims to, had no probs in 3 years of
> driving, I thinkk it was done to keep the same joint as the Escort cars
> As for tightening the ball joints, just use a trolly jack under the joint to
> add some pressure, tightens up ok then
> Adrian
> P.S. theres more Stylus owners at
> On 05/01/2008, Q <> wrote:
thank you, my main problem in the short term is having to tighten them up, checking the camber then adjusting; it is very time consuming, though not something you need to do every day.

I think I will take measurements of the sierra hub(upright) and see if there is a perfect fit out there for furte reference - for now I will set the car up with what I have.

I have just signed up for the Club Stylus forum and will post the topic there as well.


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