Zetec/Type 9 Clutch Cable

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Re: Zetec/Type 9 Clutch Cable

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Craig-Chap wrote:I fitted my new clutch cable yesterday, and it is greatly improved! I got the 'Clutch cable, Escort Mk2 RS 100cm LONG' from Burtons. The extra length gives a nice curve down to the bellhousing, and conveniently the inner is slightly shorter so no need for any spacers. I didn't measure the difference, but having them side by side it looked to be about 10mm ish.

Two quick Q's:
1, Should the cable be adjusted to give a small amount of free play before the release bearing contacts the clutch fingers? I.e., does the release bearing need to be spinning constantly or not?

2, Should there be a pedal stop fitted? There is a witness mark where my clutch pedal has been hitting and then sliding down the inside of the footwell. As I can't drive it at the moment I can't work out how much travel it needs for the clutch to release fully, so I thought I'd check with you lot!

As a progress update, I'm currently doing A LOT of wiring! I'm replacing the whole lot as it was a right old birds nest, and going from carb to injection it would have been a pain to sort through it all.
1) Yes a little play before cable feels weight -- just a few mm's but at the pedal end will be more due to the ratio. Regarding the release bearing , it will spin once a gear's engaged anyway --- why is yours a bit tight on the shaft :?: Mine will squeek a little when I first start the engine THEN stop if I just literally touch the pedal but once actually using the car no more is heard. Possibly a bit dry :?:
2) Set the pedal stop on the clutch (most don't bother) at about 20mm's at the pedal end -- back from where it '' just '' picks up clutch weight.
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