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Author:  stylussprinter [ Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  REVIVAL TESTING !!!

Revival cars will be testing at GOODWOOD on the 30th August (Thursday after next) and again on the 6th September (following Thursday) :P

I will go down to watch if possible --- a free day out and some 'rare pace' too :!:

Author:  stylussprinter [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: REVIVAL TESTING !!!

Had a brilliant day out at Goodwood , parked right next to the new paddock slots along the back fence/hedge area --- nobody asked me to move :)
Rained on my way down but the early testing was in dry weather but damp surface --- most were being damn careful apart from an Aston just hanging out the rear a touch exiting the chicane . The two best to watch were Matt Neal driving the Sunbeam Tiger V8 clocking 94 sec's best and sounding awesome ---- also Mark Hales driving a V8 Crossle , wiggling a touch exiting the chicane and clocking an 88 sec's best. Obviously these are flying laps so don't directly compare with my own efforts from a standing start. All were heavily muffled due to it being a 105db's day so they'll be quicker at the REVIVAL without those aweful plate type muffles stuffed up the tailpipes :wink:
One car I'd never seen in my life and absolutely stunning was a red Morgan built in the 60's but looked like a better looking E Type ---- lower , wider and nicer proportions. I had a chat with the owners and apparently 3 were built to compete with the Porshe's and won but due to lack of funds they were never produced to sell . It was clocking 97's in the damp .

I'll be going again next Thursday with Stuart 8)

Author:  stylussprinter [ Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: REVIVAL TESTING !!!

If you fancy seeing what the MORGAN looked like then google'' Morgan 60's race car designed by Chris Lawrence '' . It was called the SLR and yesterday I saw three of them , one red , one blue and a stunning alluminium bodied car --- it was this car that was being driven the quickest .

Author:  stylussprinter [ Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: REVIVAL TESTING !!!

Went to Goodwood Revival testing again today with Stuart and the weather was perfect , very hot with no wind . Antony Reid was testing a Cobra right to it's absolute edge , really on it through the chicane , clocking 88's and 89's . A beautiful ALAN MANN Prefect or Anglia or even possibly a Popular :? was being pedalled very well clocking 104 to 106's , exiting the chicane almost sideways every lap. Various other Cobras were out plus Graham Bell in a Ferrari but didn't get his time. Quickest car there today was a DAYTONA , not sure who drove but it clocked 83.4 sec's best lap I saw --- awesome sound too :P
Mark Hales was out in a couple of cars but I didn't get his time either. Then there was a Westminster 105s Saloon car being put through it's paces by Johnny Brack but sadly in the afternoon the other driver , possibly the owner :?: , hit the passenger side front on the chicane tyres exit , that put him first sideways then two wheels off the ground --- finally somersalting several times towards the rumble and right across the grass into the bank where we were standing --- ending upside down and the driver was some half a minute or so getting out , at which point it set on fire and no marshal with extinguisher to be seen for several minutes.
The roof was almost flattened with sides and doors all twisted about ---- just about a write off I would think --- real shame being a successful 50's race car with history . Driver ok though but can't see it appearing for the Revival :roll:

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