IOWCC Round 3 - St Georges Park

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IOWCC Round 3 - St Georges Park

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Yesterday was Round 3 of the IOWCC Sealed Surface series. I missed the last one as I was dying of man flu.

Wasn't the most successful day from a racing perspective as the car developed a misfire after run 3 and rather than get covered in oil and stress trying to fix it I retired and lounged in the sunshine watching the rest of the action. We narrowed it down to one cylinder so I'll give it a proper going over one evening this week.

As usual, quite a tight course. It's been a busy time lately as I was concentrating getting the boat ready for last week's Round The Island Race but I massively regretted not fitting the quick rack yet. Elbows everywhere going from lock to lock around one cone. I seriously need to sort out all the niggly little suspension bits and act on Rob's advice regarding setup as well, though at the moment the limiting factor is still definitely the driver!

Some good photos courtesy of Allan: ... 021322150/


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