Build Manual Part 21 - Windscreen and Wipers


When cutting out the windscreen aperture leave a mounting area approx 20mm wide around the screen, (most moulds have a faint line in the gel coat).

If your car is going to be painted; this needs to be done before the windscreen is fitted to the car.

The windscreen is as fitted to the original Lotus Elan S3 [Part No. - HT 265LC  (Elan S2-S4 66/73)]. The glass is bonded onto the windscreen frame with no rubber surround. To finish the edges two Ford Transit window surround rubbers are required. Alternatively the glass supplier/fitter will usually have a universal trim which is also suitable. The 'stem' of the rubber surround in either case needs to be removed so that it will sit on top of the bonded in window. The trim is fixed in place with the same material used to bond the screen to the frame. Lower edges of the rubber surround need to be mitre cut to follow the screen.

Note: If you change the C in the code to T, this gives the code for the green tinted screen.


Windscreen wipers on the Stylus are directly off the original Mini and require no modifications, this assumes that the car is right hand drive and the motor will be mounted on the passenger's side of the car. The tube into the wheel boxes should be below the centre of the box.

To mount the wiper rack mark the hole for the drivers side wheel box in the windscreen surround. This hole should be either directly above the steering column or, for better sitting on the screen, approximately one inch (25mm) towards the driver's door. The passenger side wheel box hole should then be marked and cut to suit the rack length.

The Mini's 'turrets' are not used on the Stylus as the mounting surface is not horizontal; however these can be modified to be used washers between the body and the mounting nut. To stop the wheel boxes pulling through the body a 'collar' needs to placed around the shaft of the wheel boxes, see the build tips page for a suitable answer to this.

The motor can be mounted in numerous places to suit your interior layout, but most people mount theirs on the firewall (inner body).