David Williams

summer 2005: Alistair wood sold his car to David Williams

Al's story of the car:
Early Sylva Stylus with Fury chassis. Built circa 1995, with 1600 x/f and 4 speed
Upgraded in '02 to fresh 1700 X/flow with ported head, steel rocker gear, lightened and balanced, Kent 3FY cam, twin 40 Dellortos producing c 125bhp. Type-9 5 speed box. In-sill SS exhaust from Fury, flush-mounted to improve cooling

Simple ally interior to solve problems of soggy carpet, with narrow low-back bucket seats in build. FIA spec rollbar by Nev Powell

Future mods to include Wilwood brakes and losing weight before attempting some sprints/track days.

It's used all year round in all weathers, and developing a nice "period patina"

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