Brian Beavis

Kit Ordered : April 99      Build Started: June 1999
Build Time Elapsed: 39 months   Build Finish: Sept 2002
 Approximate Build Cost: unknown   Time Expended: Approx 1000 hrs

A well turned out car intended for every day use, sporting an 1800 Zetec on Webers, fitted with a few home comforts, electric windows, radio etc. Full spec listed after running reports. Click Here to see photos of the car

Running reports, in reverse chronological order.

The build final episode ? July to 26th Sept 02.
After the initial SVA fail, I spent several evenings in the garage to get these completed as quickly as possible.
With all items corrected, I applied for an SVA retest; they gave me a slot for the 24th July.
The day arrived, off I went with great expectations of getting an SVA pass, again as last time I trailed the car to the test centre. The inspector, another friendly chap, took only a few minutes to check all the previous fail items; unfortunately, the Speedo was to be a fail again.
It was within tolerance for the 35, 40, 50 and 60 but failed the 70 mph check.  As his next customer was not there I politely requested another check after a quick recalibration, reluctantly he agreed, but unfortunately
this time 70 was Ok but 30 was now out, not my day!
Having now failed the SVA twice on the Speedo I decided to fit a proper car Speedo and as it is intended to be a temporary affair I opted for a cheap mechanical type from ETB instruments.  The Speedo and cable both arrived the day before holidays, so all was left whilst we went off on holiday.  On return, it was back to the garage, the Speedo due to its size and mechanical drive cable was a sod to locate on an already completed dash,
eventually I had to make another fibreglass dash section to accommodate the Speedo where it would be out of the way.

All this, along with other activities drawing on my time, it was September before I was able to apply for an SVA re-test.  Unfortunately, by now, they were extremely busy; it took two weeks from my initial call before they got
back to me and another few days to find a suitable slot.  With this booked, the thought of another failure was not pleasing, so I hastily arranged to get the car into a rolling road to check the Speedo was within tolerance
before I returned to the test station, the result of this all looked OK.

The retest day arrived, 24th Sept at 0900, I had loaded the trailer the night before, so at 5am I was on the road, wanting to clear Hindhead and the M25 before the rush hour.  The test centre was open and testing at 8am,
after a quick chat with the inspector I was able to get the car on test at 8:15, it was all over by 8:16 !  This time a PASS ! I trailed the car home, extremely pleased with myself, then turned to the final hurdle ? the DVLA paperwork.  After unloading the car & returning the trailer I gathered the paperwork to go into the local DVLA office, unfortunately I noted that my insurance cover note expired a few days before ?mmmm  no registration today. The insurance arrived yesterday, today I visited the DVLA office at Portsmouth, expecting a few days to turn around the paperwork but pleasantly, to my surprise, it was completed in 15 minutes.

Its now late afternoon, whilst I sit here stroking the keys, with a large smile on my face, smug in the knowledge that sitting in my tintop are my number plates ready to fit,   ??.tonight..?.to drive ?...after 3 years of
waiting. ??brroooooommmmmm !


April, May, June and a bit of July 02 update.
Apologies for the large gap in reports at such a vital time!
Since March, things have moved along much, much further, to the extent of the SVA test  ?..and yes it did fail, however more of that later.

April was written off with other non related car things, the garage saw very little action, a few minor jobs were sorted such as wheel alignment, fitting a new thermostat, investigating why the fuel gauge was not working
& wheel alignment.

May was taken up with a myriad of minor tasks such as door mirrors, seat belts, temperature sender replacement, windscreen washer jets along with fitting the carpet.  Fitting carpeting was not as easy as I'd thought it would be, the final result looks naff, this will be coming out again after SVA and new carpets fitted, probably by a professional!

June. The dashboard took up a tremendous amount of time but now looks great.  It is now fully clad in black leather and looks very smart.  Nearing the end of the month, I sent off the SVA application for them to process while we went off on holiday.  On our return I had the paperwork and called the testing centre for a date, as luck would have it they had a cancellation, the 11th July, otherwise I would be waiting until late August!

July, with the impending road trip for MoT I sorted out insurance, of the quotes most came in between 200 and 220, with one extreme at 350.

I took the car for an MoT test, the examiner said he would be unable to complete the tests without proof of weight of the car, so I asked him to do a pre Mot test anyway. He was a friendly chap, spent an hour going over the car, and picked up a few items for me to correct before SVA.  The emissions has risen quite a bit since the rolling road, up to 4% Co2, this may have been because the engine was not fully hot, unfortunately I blew a hose (yes again) as he was starting the test, however he was able to complete it. With the car back home, (it was a thrill to drive and can't wait for next time), I replaced all the cooling pipes with new jubilee clips and refilled
the cooling system, replaced the damaged wheel with the spare  (the wheels are on loan from Nev) and attacked the headlight aim problem.

July 11th the test day arrived. I trailed the car to Gillingham, my chosen test centre arriving in plenty of time to unload and check the car over. The tester was very friendly chap, taking 2 hours to do all the tests; he
was very thorough and stopped where he was unhappy with the car to explain why and what he would like to see.  The final result was the expected fail, which I had expected, however not in the places I thought it would, with 10 minor pickups, the worrying ones I was unable to check such as noise was no problem, a whispering 94dB on the noise test, with one of SSCs standard exhausts.

The pickups were:
1 - Brake pipes on the rear axle flexed slightly when applying brakes, he wanted to see the brake pipe padded where it may contact the axle and damage itself.
2 - Flexi brake pipe on front off-side touched the semi rigid brake pipe of the suspension strut on full lock, he wanted the flexi pipe adjustment to prevent them touching.
3 - The seat belt mounting bolts (as supplied) did not protrude through the chassis fixed nuts by 1 threads.
4 - The wiring loom in the boot was boot secured, even though cabling was in a flexible conduit and under carpet.  He wanted this fixing down with 'p' clips or similar.
5 - The wiring loom in the glove box, attaching to fuse box, was not secured, as above.
6 - N/S/F headlight aim was too high, (even with the adjuster was fully down).
7 - Rear fog lamp, did not provide sufficient light output, (I suspect this was because I did not get the lamp aim correct).
8 - The Speedo would have pleased the plod, honest officer I was only doing 30 mph, whilst actually doing 47 mph!  just a little out.
9 - On the dash I have some small dome headed button bolts; he did not like these, as they were not radiused to 3.5 mm.
10 - The windscreen header rail was not radiused to 3.5 mm.

All in all I was quite happy, hopefully a few hours back in the garage
should see these corrected, then returning to Gillingham for take 2!

March 02 update
After an upbeat February, closing in on SVA, March was a slow month. I collected the car from Nevs, at the end of the first week of March and onto the rolling road on the Saturday. The rolling road was an entertaining experience, up to the point where a hose blew at about 6000rpm and emptied the contents of the cooling system over the complete car, after this it took a while to refill the system and check all was still OK with the engine. The final result was a mixed success, I now have an engine that is setup to meet the emissions. Unfortunately the engine is still well down on power output, the engine appears hesitant, possibly timing, but as I have fitted the Weber 3D mapped ignition I will have to take it to the Weber agent as they are the only ones with the ability to re-programme. The following week saw no action as I was away, then unwell. The week of the 18th, was spent continuing with the odd job list, the seats arrived ..very smart!, they have been trial fitted then removed to keep
clean whilst work continued up until the Bank holiday weekend, where my garage antics were curtailed to prepare our boat for the impending sailing season and to decorate my sons bedroom.
March was over, car still not complete! ?.. or much closer to SVA

February 02 update
February has been a busy month finishing off odd jobs, also talking with the local Vehicle Registration Office in preparation for jumping through the SVA test loops and hoops! The jobs have included a manual over-ride switch for the radiator fan, putting spacers behind the front indicators ( I think they may have been recessed too far), connecting up the side repeaters, completing the wheel arch inner liners, fitting the spot lights and grill, removing mould flash lines and some filling/contouring around the doors, fitting the bonnet and catch, fitting new wheel studs all round to accommodate the alloys currently fitted and a few other minor jobs. The LVRO has said that I can drive the car to them for the build up inspection, even though not SVAd, taxed or MOT'd, all I need is insurance, I'm looking forward to that drive! I shall book that up in the near future as soon as the car is in a condition to drive, then book the SVA shortly after, all going well. Seats are now on order, I've opted for the Intatrim Gemini in cream leather, delivery is currently about two weeks so I should have these back early in March to fit. The car is now with Nev for a minor mod to the chassis, blow some colour around the screen and to have the screen fitted. The colour has undergone yet another change, this time settled on the Rover 'Kingfisher Blue'. More news next month.

January 02 update
After Decembers high, I returned to the garage with renewed enthusiasm! January's priority was to get the engine running, most of the month has been spent around the engine bay. The engine cooling system has now been competed, a new battery installed and the alternator fitted. The engine was initially sluggish to turn over, even with the new battery, but each time it became easier as the engine loosened itself up, now it has no problem whatsoever. With the cooling installed I was able to run the engine up to temperature, this highlighted a problem with the battery position, being a little too close to the exhaust heat for comfort. This has been repositioned to
increase the separation, I also fitted a heat shield fitted. With the engine now running I managed my first drive! albeit it only in and out of the garage ! Now I am happy that the engine runs OK and is staying in I have finished
the tunnel panelling, putting in access holes & covers to ensure access to gearbox filler, reverse switch etc.
February will see the start of finishing off jobs, looking toward SVA, we see how it goes??.

December 01 update
A month of highs & lows ending higher than high!
Early in December the sump finally arrived, complete with alternator & associated brackets & belt. It is about time the engine saw a little action!  The sump was quickly fitted, filled with oil and checked for leaks. None present, off to a good start. The cam belt was refitted, roughly just to turn over the engine. The starter motor fitted a dream since the people at Dunnell had modified the sump to provide more clearance around the starter motor position, now ready to turn the engine. With the battery connected up, and hopes high?. , ignition on, press the starter button, and ??.click ! ? Deafened by the absolute silence of nothing! Checking over, the battery appeared to be OK, the plugs were out and I was able to turn the engine by hand, all seemed OK.  The starter motor was changed for another one and still nothing, not a happy chappie! Time to look at the battery, although it appeared OK & fully charged I hooked my road car up with jump leads and tried again, this time success,
the engine turned over merrily, back to happy chappie! Time for the cam belt, this turned into a bit of a saga!  The purchase of a Haynes manual saw me on my way, manufacturing tools for alignment & to hold cam pulley, finding out there was no cam belt tensioning spring fitted, purchasing one, dropping it down behind the cam belt covers, eventually managing to get it fitted adjusted & tensioned correctly.  This was followed by a quick check over the engine, torquing up bolts correctly, now I had a manual! I put petrol into the tank for the first time on the 19th, and ran the fuel pump, the fuel pickup worked well with only a gallon in the tank, no leaks and petrol through to the carbs OK. A chance visit by Nev Powell and Alister, (another Stylus owner) meant help was on hand to witness the event! Knowing the battery was not much use we attempted a jump-start, the moment
had arrived, ignition on press the starter button, and   ? silence, the engine would not turn over, even once!
After several attempts, I was really getting peed off, another low! the awkward sod would just not start.
The final attempt, we fitted Nev's battery from his van, kind chap he is, with ignition on, and great expectations, I press the starter.  The engine turned and quickly burst into life, another Stylus was born! We ran the engine for a few seconds and switched off, since I had no cooling system fitted, but we knew it worked!  back to a high in time for Christmas! Since Christmas is now upon us I will not be able to get any more done in the garage until the new year, when I shall return with renewed enthusiasm, until then  ..have a happy Christmas & new year.

November 01 update
The arrival of some more rivnuts enabled more work on the inner wheel arches, which I thought were then complete until I borrowed some 6 x 14 wheels & tyres, then found the tyre fouls the liner on full lock.  A small
modification should cure the problem. I removed the sump & sent off for modification, I opted for the Dunnell
item, as the Raceline sump was rather expensive.  I also ordered the alternator & brackets, hoping to fit later in the month. The dash & vent continue to provide sponge to soak up the hours.  A rethink on the dash vents resulted in modelling & manufacturing new vents & ducting to provide a better air flow, it all works far better now, all that remains is to manufacture a means of attaching the vents to the dash. The boot catch and locking mechanism has moved forward, although still have to fix the boot catch & striker. The fuel line was completed with the fitting of the fuel filter & regulator, needs petrol to check for any leaks. By the end of the month the sump had still not returned?.. will not see the engine run this month!

October 01 update
At last the reflectors arrived, and very swiftly fitted to the car, positioned and again 'frenched in' like the rest of the rear fitments. The rear of the car is now finished, apart from a few mould flash lines, I'll leave these for the painter to prep before spraying.
Now the rear lights are complete I've been able to refit the fuel tank again, I had removed it to improve access to the rear underside of the car whilst working on the light arrangements. The body around the rear of the doors is almost there, it seems a constant never ending process, filling sanding, filling, sanding, still I feel I'm almost there. I've started to clean up the car as there is dust every where, in preparation to returning to work on the interior.
This month I have also made a start on the front inner wheel arches, these are cut out and are ready for attaching to the chassis/body, unfortunately I've run out of rivnuts?. awaiting more supplies to complete the task.
Next month I hope to make inroads to getting the engine started.

September 01 update
A busy & frustrating month. The number plate lights have now been fitted, nicely tucked away in the top to the number plate recess. The rear reflectors are still a hold ? still awaiting parts from Europa. The dreaded door skins have now been fitted, things did not go very smoothly at first but did improve along the way. The end result looks quite good, a nice even shut line around the doors, I still have a little work to finish off but need to wait until I remove the doors for painting.  Apart from that the body needs a little work around the top rear body/door area to blend the two surfaces together nicely at the same level, hopefully will complete in October.
That's it, not a lot to show even though a busy time in the garage.

August 01 update
A quiet month in the garage due to holidays and a few other interruptions that have prevented access to the garage. After last months decisions regarding the rear number plate & reflectors, these have both come along nicely. The number plate is now 'frenched in', all that is required is a little finishing & insertion of the number plate lights. The reflector positions have been cut out but still awaiting receipt of the reflectors from Europa before I can progress further. I have also had another look at the door skins, something which I had put off some time ago, these will be fitted in September, all going well.
That was all I managed this month, looking forward to things progressing further in September.
PS The rear of the car has changed,  a new picture has been added to the picture library.

July 01 update
Another major milestone completed  ...  almost. Following on from last months electrical knitting, I have now very nearly completed and tested all the electrics, all that remains are a few connectors which I have been unable to source. The terminating & testing took a little longer than expected, overall I was chuffed with how it all went, not a single fuse blown and no I have not used 6" nails and I only built in two defects !!   ops. Both these faults were easily corrected, the indicators worked with the ignition off, so did the front & rear fogs. Both of the faults were induced when I strayed from my original drawing, which I had checked, but not updated during the installation when I had to alter things slightly  and I forgot to update the drawing. The only other item, which was a bit of a sod, were the dash instruments. When testing the dash instrument pod none of the instrument dials would work, ....major panic. This caused quite a lot of head scratching, have to stop that I'm losing it faster that it grows!
Knowing the dials had worked before, (I tested them after removing from the MX5), I assumed it was down to incorrect wiring, nearly right! The donor car had a factory fit alarm/immobiliser, the effect of not having this and leaving the wire open circuit prevented the dials from working. Hopefully I have found the solution, but will not know until I am able to run the car
to see the effect on the dash pod computer. Other than the loom installation, the fuel filler cap was fitted, then re-done after a coffee & chat with Nev Powell also decisions made about the rear reflectors & number plate location/installation. Since most other body hardware is 'frenched in', the number plate, rear reflectors and fuel filler (thanks Nev) will go the same way. This means things will take a little longer than expected, mind you things have always taken alot longer than expected in the past, I'm now past the 2 year point & into my 3rd year of build!.
A trip out to the Hickstead meet yesterday refreshed the mind somewhat, I met several of the Stylus clan accompanied by throbbing shinny steeds and the "where's your then, you should have finished by now"! quip. ..... may be next year.... It was nice to meet up, have a chat, see how (and not) to do things, what works, to my taste and what doesn't. I returned home mentally invigorated and ready again to do battle in the garage, will now unfortunately have to wait until after holidays. Also happy in the knowledge someone out there does actually read these reports, so I'll keep the digits on the keyboard each month to keep you up to date with my mishaps. Oh and finally, no the build isn't taking this long because I spend all my time on these reports, I'm just alot slower than the rest of you!, and for those who wish to see the proof, there are two recent picture updates, in the photo gallery at the bottom of the page.

Jun 01 update
Progress at last, things look as though they've moved on! The heater is in, as mentioned in May update, (written a little late), the only remaining items are the ducting, temperature control and hoses to be fitted, hopefully will complete this in the coming month. With the heater fitted the dash has moved on a little, working on the opening for the glove box, this has now been put aside until the wiring is completed, as the fuse box resides in the glove box. A great flurry of activity through last week has seem the bulk of electrical knitting complete, I am about to revisit Alan (Premier Wiring) to collect what I hope will be the final parts necessary to complete the loom installation, then hopefully test everything out next week.
Back to the garage until next month...

May 01 update.
Been here before, another month gone by, and the car's still not looking anywhere near complete. By the end of the month things look as if they are going backwards, with the dash stripped out again to install the heater, which has taken most of this months effort, what little there was of it! The rear fog lamp, & housing are now complete, rather pleased with the final result after so much effort spent on it. Back to the heater, rather than purchasing, as great expense, a new after-market heater I decided to modify the one acquired from the Fiat Uno some months earlier. Initial thoughts were to manufacture a housing for the fan and matrix from sheet metal, when it came to the practicality of building I chose fibreglass, anyway after spending several hours sketching and fabricating the first attempt was destined for the bin. The MK 2 version went like a dream and is now (20 Jun) fitted.

April 01 update.
Another month gone by, and the car's still not looking anywhere near complete, still the weather is getting better and the work rate improving due to the garage being not so cold. Another month of hopping job to job, several areas have seen improvement/progress. The headlights are now complete, as are the front indicators. These now look quite nice despite my second thoughts whilst in the cutting out phase last month, although I've still yet to push out from the garage and have a good look from a distance. I have frenched them in but am concerned they may be a little deep to meet the SVA angle of visibility test, a spacer may be required! A quick re-think on the tunnel top, after seeing Jeremy's car, the rear section of tunnel top has now been reworked using rivnuts to make it removable.
The loom has also had a quick look in, with additional earth studs welded in behind the dashboard, I should have thought of those earlier, also a visit to Alan at Premier Wiring to collect what is hopefully the remainder of cabling, switches & crimp connectors, battery leads, connectors & clamp. The rear fog light has seen progress, so far I have marked & cut the hole, manufactured a mould and made the insert to hold the light. The light insert is currently tacked in place with a little filler while I confirm its final position before glassing in, this should hopefully be finished in May.
The dashboard has again seen most of the months activity. To begin with I made a mound from plaster of paris to contour in the passenger side of the dashboard, happy with the result I approached the drivers side, this appeared to be far more difficult to do using plaster of paris so reverted to using plasterscene. Once this side was complete it looked far better than the passenger side, so this was ripped out, thrown away and remodelled. Eventually, Ureka !! both sides matched pretty well and looked pretty good. These were then used to make fibreglass moulds which eventually produced the finished parts. These have been trimmed a little and are currently fitted to the dashboard, it all looks quite smart !, although a little more work will be needed to get it just right. Next month onto the glove box opening, not that I've any gloves to put in, but will need access to the fuse boxes & engine cut-out which hide behind. Back to the garage .........

March 01 update.
Things are on the move again, although no major leaps forward this month. Progress was made on the headlights, which are now almost complete, only a little tidying left to do and will then be complete. The front indicators are now under way, with much marking, measuring, moving cardboard cutouts etc the decision on front indicator positions have finally been made, marked and the first one cut out, !   something does't look quite right now, having second thoughts, ... a little late though!
Another area of progress has been the dashboard, this has taken most of the effort this month and is still coming on very slowly, although is starting to look very nice, even though I do say so myself !, The main difficulty I am having is trying to design & build everything to fit neatly underneath it, so much to fit in a very small space.
March also saw the arrival of another engine, although my nice new Zetec is sitting snugly in the engine bay it will have to come out because of the emissions regulation loop hole which closed 1 April. My Zetec unfortunately has no engine number stamped in, which means, as no positive proof of actual date of manufacture can be seen, so therefore would have to meet the latest emission regulations, inc  CAT etc. The new arrival, which will be fitted as a temporary measure for SVA is an old 1600 x Flow, post SVA, well we'll see then.
That's it for this month, the nice warm bright evenings are on their way and the car is begging to come out to play, back to the garage to press on.

February 01 update.
A terrible month in the garage.
A short break folowed by a bout of the flu drastically reduced progress, the dashboard being the only area making progress and even this was minimal.
Hopefully March, with improving weather, will make the garage a little more pleasant to work in and we can again pickup the work rate and make more reasonable progress. Hopefully more to report next month.

Jan 2001 update.
Unfortunately another slow month (this is getting repetitive), having the car on the road ready for SVA before April has now become a pipe dream, I've still far too much to do and continual delays in acquiring parts only delay things further. Hopefully, it will be complete before summer arrives and on the road.
Progress was made in several areas;
A re-think on the tunnel top, this is now in two sections, a fixed forward section and a removeable rear section, this has been completed.
The dash is coming along, fabricated in aluminium, later to be covered in leather/cloth. The dash will be in 3 sections, underneath, lower front and front/top, the underneath and lower front sections have been completed, apart from trimming, the template for the upper/top section is with the metal workshop for shaping on the rollers.
A suitable location has been found for the fuse box & battery cut out, these have been fitted, progress has been made on the loom design & installation.
Fixing plates/brackets have been made & fitted to hold the rear lights in place. Miscellaneous body tasks have been completed, headlight bowls bonded in, the boot front bulkhead (made up of 3 removeable aluminium sections).
The door latches & strikers have been fitted but I am not happy with these, they do not work very well and need further attention.
On the engine cooling side, I have acquired a complete hose set for a Zetec from a Mondeo in the scrappy, he only wanted a few quid for the set. Hopefully some of these will be OK, even though will require some modification.
That was it for January, not much to show for the effort that was put in. Hopefully by the end of February, things should look far more advanced once the dash is complete, although I still have a lot of work to do shaping the top, fitting switches etc, also the heater to build and fit.
Watch out for the next installment !?..

30 December '00 update
Again another slow month; usual distractions, christmas shopping, christmas & new year etc nothing done in the garage since 22nd December.
Progress made on;
Doors; door 'inners' removed, fabrication of a metal hoop to go inside the door for additional strength, onto this it welded the door hinge plate and a plate to attach the door catch mechanism.. Both door 'inners' now have the hoops fitted & bonded in and the doors are now back on the car again. It has given the door 'inner' a considerable amount of rigidity on its own, when the outter skin is bonded on it should be solid.
Rear lights; the moulds to 'french' in the lights have been completed and have been fitted, aligned, refitted etc. Fibreglass box sections have been fabricated to protect the rear lamp internals where these fall outside of the protection of the boot area, these will be glassed in once the rear lights are finished.
Headlights; I have acquired a pair of second hand 'porsche' style headlights for 20, a bargin!, although I have had to replaced the headlight reflector units. I have marked and cutout the headlight positions on the bodyshell, although they still require a little fettling to get just right. To save time for SVA, I intend using the indicator light already fitted to the headlight.
Dashboard; I have spent some time fabricating brackets to hold the dash instrument pod, this is almost complete. I have acquired and had cut to size the alluminium for the dashboard and boot front.
That's it for this month, things need to speed during January if I'm to be finished before April.

30 November '00 update
Another month with little to show for my efforts, progress hampered by risk of garage flooding, several days lost re-arranging the garage to keep things from getting wet!
This month saw progress on:
Doors, both door hinges & door 'inners' are now attached, still working out the best place to fit the catch, since I would like windup windows this
needs careful consideration.
Windscreen wipers, these have been fitted, although needs a new park switch.
Rear lights, finding something of the right size to take a mould from, to 'french' in the fiat lights has been a pain. Eventually found something and now have two of the four moulds ready to fit to the car.
Electrics, nothing to show but a growing pile of bits and pieces. Acquired most of the electrical fittings, some of the cabling also the instrument pod I recently came across at the breakers. The donor, a nice  (was once) 'S' reg gold MX5, from which I acquired the complete instrument pod, for an exchange of 60, somewhat cheaper than a new set of dials and it came with all warning indicators etc. A little homework and all electrical connectivity established, (I've even had it powered up, it had only done 5862 miles!), the only 'fly in the ointment' is the calibration of its 'electronic' speedo.
The Exeter Kitcar show provided a much needed look over Pete's  Stylus to check up on a few things, look over seat options and a purchase a few other bits & pieces. Whilst there I also met several other Stylus builders and exchanged thoughts/experiences, well worth while.
An aside from the actual build, I have now have JPEG images of all my build photo's to date. If any of you out there need to see a picture (often worth a thousand words!), you're welcome if I have one of the aspect you require, contact me via the club.

30 October update, (this was the first update supplied to the club site).
The chassis is rolling, engine fitted, inlet manifold & carbs, exhaust manifold, gearbox & radiator, there are several parts to fit before I can run the engine.
The body shell has been bonded on, & front sub frame fitted.
The firewall has been extended across the front of the engine bay and bonded to the body. Access for the door hinge is now via access plates in each footwell.
The screen and door apartures have been cut away, and the screen fitted with a strengthening rail bonded into the screen surround. This has been filled ready for final finishing.
Lighting, the side repeaters have been fitted, the rear of the car is marked out for cutting & frenching in the Fiat rear lights. Most of the flash lines still remain at present.


Engine:   1800 Zetec fitted with twin weber 40's and a Weber 3D mapped ignition.
Transmission:    Ford Sierra type 9 gearbox, Escort Mk2 rear axle, 3.54 ratio.
Wheels & Tyres:   14" alloys (Rimstock Qualifiers), shod with 185/60/14 Yoko's
Escort parts:   Steering rack & column, column switchgear & brakes.
Lighting: Front: 'Porsche' style headlights, with frenched in Mini indicators Peugeot (206) side repeaters
  Rear: Fiat coupe with a separate Peugeot (206) rear fog light

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