Ben Bowie

Apparently my car is the first Stylus made! It Has a Fury chassis, and originally carried a Fiat TC and had Jeremy's first go at an independent rear suspension. It now has a 1.8 Zetec and has Peter's first go at a DeDion, so it has always been a bit experimental. It has faired in lights front and back (done very nicely by Neville Powell) and is painted in VW Chagall blue. Wheels are 14 inch Wolfrace racelite and have Yoko's on the back and Avon's on the front. Engine management is a home modified Ford ECU (which I will probably change if can find a s/h Alpha-Webber or something similar) but the car runs very smoothly with lots of torque and always starts, so I can't complain too much. 0-60 5.8. secs, 130+ top speed (all done on an air field!) 640 kgs wet. Sierra 5 spd. Dunnel fly wheel/ clutch. Twin 40's. Alcantara dash. That's about all I can think of.


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