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July 04

After a false start the engine and gearbox slid in late February, on fitting it the first time I noticed that the fitting to bleed the
hydraulic clutch was to close to a chassis rail for it to be removed so it was engine out gearbox off and reposition the fitting in the bell housing then throw the whole lot back in the hole which was much quicker second time around as we had learnt all the tricks, it was useful having a 15 year old son to help, he was about 11 when I started this project and is determined that we will be going to Le Mans in it when it's finished. While the engine was out I took the opportunity to modify the
breathing system by fitting an extra breather from the cam cover fabricating a catch tank which the two lines are now connected to, the catch tank has a return line back to the sump.
The water system is now complete in aluminium pipe with silicone hose just used as connecters the electric water pump fitted in nicely under the alternator which was a great help with the pipe runs to the radiator. I made an aluminium header tank and fitted it to the bulkhead (fibreglass inner liner) it feeds the bottom radiator pipe and takes a return from the turbo and bleed from the top of the radiator.
Plumbing the fuel system wasn't that much of a challenge although I'm contemplating removing the fuel tank that was put in 3 or more years ago and making an internal collector for it as I'm sure I could have pickup problems on low fuel at track days a jet pump returning to the collector is probably the answer.
A visit to the Kent and Stoneleigh shows this year has produced good deals on a pair of seats from Intatrim and a set of gauges from Revotec also Dax agreed to make me a bonnet scoop which I have now pickup, I could probably have got away with the std bonnet line but I thought with all that heat from the turbo and exhaust system I could make good use of
the extra air flow by ducting it to the places of greatest need, Alan from Premier Wiring has also delivered a wiring loom with extra wires added in for the electric water pump. So lots to get on with can't quite figure out how to connect up the intercooler yet or find a space for the air filter.

Jan 04

Right now I am in the finishing stages of rebuilding the engine which I hope to have completed in a couple of weeks. I'm planning to convert it to an electric water pump so will have to fabricate a housing to replace the water pump and outlet and find some smaller belts to go straight from the crank pulley to the alternator. I've also cut an 1" off the bottom of the sump and tacked on a pair of wings to replace the lost capacity, I was a little concerned with ground clearance or lack of it. Once this is complete I can convert the gearbox from cable to hydraulic actuation, I want the engine and box fitted early March so I can get on with connecting the water system to the radiator and the engine to the intercooler and fuel lines to the fuel rail a quick look at the exhaust route wouldn't hurt either.
Bodywork and fiberglass has consumed a lot of the time since my first report ( along with work and a new kitchen ) and I have decided I don't like doing it however that doesn't get it done but I do tend to look for other things to do which just drags out the pain. Modifications so far are, frenched in rear number plate, special housings for the rear lights, Dawoo Metiz front indicator, tear drop shaped side vents on the panel behind front wheels, front wheel arches which are removable, frenched in fuel filler with Monza cap, frenched in front driving lights and a return around the main lights for the Perspex fairing to bolt to.
The dash board fascia and under panel has also been constructed and fitted using the std Stylus twin hump dash top but the more I look at it the more I think I'm going to change it. This has been a recurring theme with me unfortunately and I think it could relate to anybody who takes to long to build a car, I design something make and fit it then after looking at it for a year I see a better way of doing it so I try to ignore it for another year and in the end just give up throw the part in the bin and start again.
Jobs I'm ignoring at the moment are wiring, interior and paint.

Part way though build; self built chassis with live axle. Powered by a 2.0Lt Cosworth turbo mated to a T5 Gearbox.

My car is a rolling chassis with the body fitted, the engine and gearbox are out at the moment to make it easier to do other jobs. I’m fitting the doors right now and this is proving to be the worst part of the whole project so far. Other things that may be of interest are 2.0L Sierra vented front discs and I’ve converted my live axle to take V6 Mondeo vented rear discs and callipers I’ve also used a Sierra steering column.

My is sitting on Sierra pepper pot alloys at the moment, I will be using the 7” headlights with Perspex covers. I have decided to run my exhaust pipe though the sill and exit infront of the rear wheel, keeping it all cool will be an issue. As for the rest of the cooling I’ve fitted an alloy water radiator and in front of that will be an intercooler for the turbo, not sure about an oil cooler just yet. The battery is in the boot along with a plumbed in fire extinguisher, the pedals are floor mounted with an adjustable brake balance. The fuel tank is stainless and the chassis is powder coated blue.

Still to do lights, dash, instruments, wiring, water system, seats and paint and there’s probably loads I haven’t even thought of yet.


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