Jeffery Bond

Chassis ordered in March 2002, De-dion rear end. Chassis was modified by SSC to fit the rover V8 mounts. Standard 2lt sierra brakes. Wheels are as on the SSC demo car (14x6 minilite style). Chassis arrived end of June 2002.

Engine: Rover V8, bought from Neville Powell back in Feb 2002. Rescued from an old Rover SD1 and rebuilt from Feb-July 2002. Rebore, new pistons and rings, new cam and followers, new bearings, Rover P6 water pump, modified SD1 crank pulley.

Carbs: Edelbrock 500cfm four barrel carb on an edelbrock performer manifold.
Ign: stock opus electronic distributor (ack!, but it works)

Current state: Engine has been fitted (with surprising ease!), brake and fuel lines fitted, brakes have been bled and work fine, although front to rear brake line will need removing and re-routing since it'll be too close to the exhaust manifold (doh!). Handbrake fitted and working. All suspension and wheels fitted, plus steering rack and column.

Basically, it rolls, steers and stops at the moment. Engine noises must be supplied by the pilot at the moment (brrrrm brrrrm!).

Next task after Christmas is order a DIY manifold kit and try to make a pair of manifolds, and then the rest of the system. Once that's done I can finally fire up the engine, (after fitting a remote oil filter kit).

Three iffy pictures, one of the front after the engine had been fitted, and one of the rear end, and one showing the state of the engine after Neville kindly delivered it.

2005 - Now SVA'd and ready to eat tarmac!

  Photo taken just before the SVA. Test Passed on 20/4/05

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