Lee Davies

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Build Photos

Rolling Chassis

Rolling Chassis




Getting the detail right for those front indicators

Fitting the door inners and locks

Fitting the door inners and locks


Fitting the door outers

Central locking mechanism in place

Getting there with the indicators

Driver's door plan view

Passenger's door plan view


Rear light trial with colour copies of the lights

Dog food bowl being used as GRP pattern

Rear lights fitted

Shark gill side vents

Recessed numberplate

Boot catch


Bonnet fresh back from being sprayed

Doors fresh back from painters

Painted car ready for refitting

Painted car ready for refitting

Painted car ready for refitting


Indicators looking good!



Just about ready for SVA, seats and roll bar to go

Stoneleigh Show May 2001 (Pre SVA)

First proper run after SVA

First proper run after SVA

First proper run after SVA

Car with new 15" super minilight wheels

BMW style 'angel eye' headlights fitted Dec '04

100mm driving lights fitted (also 'angel eye')

Detling Kit Car show 2005



 Hardtop Dec '04





Details / Specifications

Car has a De-Dion rear axle and most of the components have come from the Ford Sierra donor car. A few parts still came from the MkII Escort like the steering column and pedals. The 2.0 litre Pinto from the Sierra provides the power; I have stripped the engine right down and had the head converted to unleaded and have fitted a Piper fast road Camshaft all being fed fuel by twin Webber 45 DCOEs. The Donor car was an Automatic so I have had to source a manual Type 9 gearbox and fit a manual flywheel so I could have a clutch. Brakes are standard 2.0 litre Sierra, master cylinder is MkII Escort.

As the Donor car was the 2.0l it was fitted with different (bigger) rear drum brakes so  some spacers were made so the back plates will fit onto the axle, as a result my DeDion is shorter. Also as the Pinto exhaust is on the driver's side the Watts link has been swapped over so the lower link bar is on the passenger side of the car. Exhaust is a modified Janspeed 4-2-1 performance pipe, running under the car.

Keeping the car cool is a standard Sierra radiator fitted in a modified front nose frame (wider). Header tank is Ford Fiesta and screen heater is a small custom unit from Anthony Stafford Vehicle Components. Also to keep engine bay temperatures down I've lagged my down pipes and have put reflective heat shields in place to protect items like the clutch cable. Also I've made Shark's gill side vents to help extract the hot air from around the engine.

Extensive modifications to the standard body with the fitment of Renault 5 door handles that are hidden behind the door. Also a central fuel filler, very handy at petrol stations as it doesn't matter which pump is free! Lovely copy off an MG RV8 bonnet for the bulge. Some frenching in of items like number plate and side repeaters and my personal favourite, the front indicator enclosures.

Main wiring loom comes from Premier Wiring and is very comprehensive. In the cockpit I've mounted two aircraft style switches for the ignition and fuel along with an FIA battery cut-out switch. Starting is done via a push button. I've been very careful with the switches so I didn't fail the SVA on internal projections. Cut-out is recessed into the centre dash console.

I've managed to get Cobra 'Clubman' seats to fit into the car after some slight modifications to the plastic surrounds for the seatbelt holes which sport my Willians 4-point harnesses. Seats are a tight fit in the chassis, but they do go in! Tyre levers and patience

I've opted for the 7" mini style headlights with the Perspex covers. Front indicators are mounted in the inside corner of these covers. Rear lights are a rather nice round 'pie' like design from Hella picked up from the Stoneleigh show.

Winter 2004 saw the fitment of BMW style 'angel eye' headlights and driving lights. Look great at night and spots have greatly improved the visibility at night. Hardtop development has been on going with interior lights being fitted to aid getting in with a roof on.

19th June 2005 - Jeremy Bayne-Powell sold the car to Lee Davies

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