Jasper Pearson

Bought as a part built kit Classic bodied De-Dion in late 2005 with the body fitted and suspension, brakes, fuel lines and some wiring done. The car was originally built for a Zetec, but as the engine did not come with the car I had other ideas! I have since fitted a SR20DET Nissan 2 litre turbo engine, this took quite a lot of engine bay and tunnel modifications as this is quite a large engine and equally large gearbox. New mounts were made and various chassis rails move and the engine bay strengthened. The rad was moved back and an adapted Nissan Pulsar intercooler fitted. Whilst the plumbing is relatively straightforward the wiring is certainly not and has been a long a complicated job, helped hugely by two guys who have fitted this engine into a Seven. The engine has had quite a number of external modifications and additions to bring it up to the equivalent of a Stage 2 tune, around 280-300bhp. Im fitting a electronic boost controller that can be set to boost at any level at any revs in any gear, so I can reduce the boost in 1st and 2nd to reduce wheel-spin which is likely to be very necessary!

I expect to have it ready for Summer 2007 to compete in the next Guild of Motor Endurance Rally.


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