John Vinnicombe

1800 Zetec car under construction

My build is at the point of having finished the chassis & running gear, fuel & brakes pipe work, swirl pot, fuel pumps, radiator, tunnel (nearly), tank, pedal box, steering, clutch & its cable, bell housing, flywheel, gearbox, sump (except baffle plate 50%).
I have ordered the rollover bar & exhaust system. Next is electrics, heater, fuel injection, alternator, instruments, lights etc. I've got my bodywork from Peter but there is still a bit to do before I think about it too much.


  Floor pan driver's side ready to drill
  Front extensions for tub support
  Bare engine
  Gearbox to clean
  Front of chassis (upside down)
  Rear of chassis (upside down)
  Front stub axles painted and ready for putting on the car

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Last revised: Januar 03, 2004.