Kate Webster

The car was bought for my wife Kate (I build/modify the cars - she thrashes them). We have only just started the build although we have had the car for a couple of years.
We bought the RT, live axle, I wanted the wider version as I am using an capri axle which is wider than the escort axle that jeremy phillips used in the original car, so am hoping the front will match the back with the RT version. If not I will widen the front suspension.(we have not bought the body as yet) The stylus was chosen after two years of checking out various kits (we wanted to avoid a seven as everybody has one). We liked the look of the look of the car and were very impressed with the design of the chassis as well as the sticks to the road like a leach demonstrator we hamered around mid wales. I am going for a 1.8 Zetec. Lets face it the car does not need huge amounts of power, 120BHP will see it pee all over the hot hatch brigade, though I am sure Tims duretec powered beast laughs at farrari's, It certainly embarrased everything on the track here at llandow the other year on a track day.


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