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March 2003 - I enjoyed driving the car last year and as far as I was concerned the plans were to just slowly improve the state of play, i.e. the dash, interior and brakes. Unfortunately, the gel coat on the car has gone horribly wrong. The whole car, after being left under a tree for a weekend has completely marbled, I have never seen this on a fibreglass car before and has destroyed the looks. The marbling is all over and the mould lines have come through, which you could not see previously. Someone has mentioned that it may not have had a UV protector in it, but I can't be sure.

So, the car needs to be painted, this has spurred be to do some fairly drastic changes. I am going to bond in the bonnet and cut the front off the car, to give a flip front. This should make access to the engine and suspension much better. I am also going to run the silencer down the sill (like the Ginetta G4) and this will therefore mean cutting the sill away. The car should then be ready for painting, my current mind set is to follow the RT - Bright Orange with Black wheels!!! You never know though as I have previously thought Blue, then Burgundy, then Silver, then, then... One day I'll make a decision!

The interior has been ripped out, the seat have been sold and Tillet highback Karting seats will replace them. The carpet has gone too, it was fairly long pile and picked up dirt and dust easily. I am going to redo the inside with Moquette and tight pile carpet in black. The dash will be replaced too as I am removing the stereo, so no speakers in the doors or rear bulk head.

Other plans are to generally take as much weight out of the car as I can, my ultimate aim to get under 600kgs.

Along with all these plans, I have also sold the crossflow and am going to go for an 1800 zetec running Webbers and Webcon ignition.

This lot should keep me very busy and I am therefore not expecting the car on the road this year.. a shame but hopefully things will be better for 2004! My wife thinks I am a compulsive builder, I really should get the car
roadworthy and enjoy it!


The car was bought from Jeremy Philips at Sylva Auto kits in October 1999. The car had been part built by a previous owner, so it came complete with the suspension and body fitted. Since this date I have taken the car back to basics and started the build again, apart from removing the body! The car has very much been built to be a high performance road car, as opposed to stripped out road racer, like the Sylva Striker I previously built.

The car should be on the road in about a month, I am having a few things fabricated this week and the 1600 will be in next week. I then need to get a manifold from someone, or have one made and then get the exhaust improved at a later date

I will be fitting Disc brakes all round, and an AP Racing  bias valve to sort the rear end brake problem associated with these cars.

In addition to the brakes modifications, I am intending to modify the front suspension to give adjustable caster angle and bump steer characteristics by changing the upper rocker arm location and steering rack height.

I only then need to get the body work sprayed Tahiti Blue (It is red gel coat currently) and the car should be finished, to a very high standard.

I don't plan to track race the car, but do intend to enter numerous sprints and hill climbs, as well as the annual trip to le Mans which should be far more comfortable (and drier) than in the Striker.

The car got to and from Le Mans this year (2002), not as well as planned as the alternator packed up. New one installed and it is going really well, thank god.

Update 28/10/02
Future plans for the car are to trouble shoot everything since completion. This will include a revised dash board, better exhaust location, new hood bag, tidy up the interior and get the bonnet sorted (It doesn't fit very well and the bulge needs replacing). I also need to sort the driving position - the steering will needs raising, indicator stalks need raising and the seats needs to be angled/moved back ward in the cockpit. This lot should keep me busy over the winter months.

Additions will be the front big brake kit and rear disks which should fix the braking quite well.
I am hoping to have the car finished and painted by next year and start using it a lot more than I do currently.


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