Peter Bowes

I ordered the car at the Stoneleigh Show ('03) and I'm just starting construction. It's going to be an RT chassis with the full windscreen. The first aim is primarily road use, although I would like to do some sprinting or hill climbing later. The original plan was to fit a Toyota 4AGE engine but that may have changed to a Vauxhall 2.0L XE, depending on availability and cost.

21/09/2004 - Just an update as to build progress. The car is now up to the rolling chassis stage with a 2.0l zetec fitted. The inlet system is the YKC plenum
chamber with OMEX 3D ignition running the original injectors. I've just finished making the exhaust which looks good, its a tuned length mild steel
system that I made from mandrel formed 90deg bends mixed with bits of straight pipe and some old baked bean tins (well not quite!). I tacked it
together with a MIG welder and then got a mate to finish it with the TIG. The water systems almost there, lots of problems with the lower inlet and
its proximity to the chassis. The looms given me loads of headaches but is finally coming together. I'm about to order the bodyshell so should
hopefully have that somewhere near by Christmas (not sure which Christmas though!) Anyway I'll try and get some pictures if I can tidy it up a bit!


29/03/2007 - The cars an RT with 2l zetec, type 9 gearbox and escort axle. Its 90% finished, the major job left is painting and carpeting. It should hopefully be finished sometime this summer when I can get some time on it!!


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