SSC RT Demonstrator

Built : 2002     Power Plant: Bike to V8
Weight: from 400 kgs   Performance: 0-60 4 secs
160 mph
 Approximate Build Cost: £TBA   Build Time: 250 - 400 hrs

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Details / Specifications

The Stylus RT (Race Track) uses the SSC standard chassis, but with wider front suspension, & use wheel spacers at rear or if De-Dion this can also be made wider. The rear wing was developed at Swansea University in there motorsport dept. the RT also has a full front splitter and a rear diffuser, all these 3 items are options, should all work as Chris worked on the aerodynamics of the Aston Martin Vanquish. We have fitted quad style lights to the demo car and these are an easy if not an expensive option but look stunning, the car is also fitted with ETBs new digital dash, which apart from your normal Speedo, Tacho, oil, water, fuel etc also gives 0-60 & lap times, plus a lot more. A standard Stylus could be upgraded to an RT, also the RT cill is a lot larger so fitting the silencer is a lot easier. The initial body development was made up around 10" rims, so for anybody with mega power its got the room to accommodate some large bits of rubber.

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