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1800 Ford Zetec Power, 5 Speed Sierra Gearbox,MK2 Escort Axle with disk brake conversion, Sierra Front uprights and brakes. Dunnell ECU and Flywheel RS2000 clutch , self modified Zetec sump. MGF front indicators, Mini type sunk in headlights, Modified MK5 Cortina wiring loom.Brief Build Diary...

The story really starts in July 1999 when while doing a turn in the road (with the help of a little rear wheel slide!) I came to a rather sudden halt (a BMW) and shortened my 3 year old Robin Hood S7 by about 18", the damage was considerable, Both front suspensions badly bent, Nosecone, radiator, Fan , Headlights all damaged and the real problem was that both sides of the monococque (??) where badly crumpled and the bonnet had cut the cam belt so the engine had locked.

3 months later I had a cheque for 3 and a half grand and some of the new parts ( Vented Front Disks and calipers, Rear Disks and new calipers and a twin choke weber) that I had fitted a month before the accident.

Cassy (the missus) then spent the next few weeks trying to convince me to buy a 'normal' car, any way after a visit to see pete and a couple of test drives the deal was done, I ordered the Chassis kit for delivery after Christmas 99, this ended up being brought forward by a couple of weeks so I could work on it over Xmas - this was only possible because the Chassis are made about 20 miles from where I live !

In the Interviening period I busied myself collecting and refurbishing donor parts, I found a local rally spares place that supplied the Escort Mk2 Axle case, half shafts, 3.89 Diff, Quick Rack, Steering column, handbrake and pedal box. A Pair of Sierra front struts and Maestro linkage from a friend's garage. The Type 9 5 speed 'box was from a friend who is in the Robin Hood Owners Club and the engine came from another breakers and was from a crash damaged 1.8 Si Escort that had only done 13000 mile before having a little Off.

March 99 - Chassis Front / Chassis Rear - showing built up rolling chassis.

By the beginning of April I had spent a large amount of cash with dunnell to connect the Escort Engine to the Sierra Box, sorted out the engine mounts and got the engine in. I also got hold of a Escort Alternator and fabricated my own brackets to mount the thing. The only slight delay was due to the wrong front wishbones being supplied and new having ones had to made up. The Escort Axle fitted with Fiesta MK3 front disks and Sierra 4x4 rear calipers, Handbrake a bit of a headache!

June 99 - Side W body / Front W body.

We collected the body shell mid May and after several unsuccessful attempts to get the thing into the back garden we hurriedly fitted the inner body and dropped the shell onto the chassis to get it out of the way!

While trying to get the body to line up we gave up with the build manual method and lined up the back bonded the back then aligned and bonded the front, this method however did cause some problems! ( see Below )

September 99 - Door

After another delay in getting the Door hinges from the manufacturer and getting the Zetec sump Welded up I finally get the Nearside inner door on, But It doesn't fit properly. to get a good fit I have to cut a small wedge out of the rear door inner corner to get it too fit, I think this was because of the way we fitted the body *Note to builders - Try to keep the section of body that fills the door aperture taught while bonding the body* otherwise the distance between the lower screen and the top of the rear door frame is slightly reduced requiring the door to be modified.

Aug 99 - Unable to find a suitable Escort wiring Loom so I end up using a Mk5 Cortina loom which I intended to modify but in the end I chopped it up and remade the whole lot!, Apart from a slight problem with the wiper switch operating the N/S indicator everything seems to work. Im going to have to make up a small circuit board to make the BL Hazard switch work with the Ford loom.

Made up some moulding's in GRP for rear fog and reversing lights.

Door skin eventually goes on after putting it off for as long as possible, Skin didn't fit in the back lower corner so I extended the skin slightly using some spare GRP sheet.

Finally sorted out hand brake linkage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xmas 2000 - Jan 2001

Drivers Door goes on with slightly less problems, Mouldings bonded into rear panel, Headlight mouldings modified to prevent tyres catching, Cooling system eventually sorted with the help
of a couple of Montego top hoses !, engine filled with oil, new battery cables fitted and it actually turns over ! Not fired up yet as dash panel not fitted and the modified sump leaked Castrol RS all over the garage floor so it looks like that's coming off again !

Cut down Mini Heater fitted, Mini wiper system modified and fitted, Tunnel paneling fitted and I eventually find Ford speed sensor down the scrappy ( Pulse generator for electronic speedo cost 70 from ford ! )

Jan 2001 - Zetec / Wiper motor

5 March 2001 - Progress has been slow lately, On Saturday I helped a friend change the clutch on his Zetec Fury. He took me out for a quick spin, Christ it don't half go 2.0 Zetec with Weber Alpha Injection its wicked I want mine finished !!!. I got the boot lid on tonight it looks like its going to need some serous mods to get a decent shut line at one side its OK but at the other the skin is about 5-6 mm too short More GRP off cuts and filler paste.


Click for larger picture   Stoneleigh 2004
Click for larger picture   12/06/01 - Just off to SVA
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Click for larger picture   Wiper motor
Click for larger picture   Jan2001 - Ginettafied rear?
Click for larger picture   Jan 2001 - Side view
Click for larger picture   Jan 2001 Front, note MGF Indicators.
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