Steve Savage

Order placed 3 June 2003.  Spec so far is RT body, full screen and weather gear, DeDion axle.  Engine is the subject of debate at present.

It's March 20th 2004 and I am sitting at home frustrated.  The warmer weather is here, I have a garage full of bits but I also have a big bandage around my right knee and cannot walk or, importantly, kneel.  So the story so far.  the chassis kit was collected in July 2003 and initial progress was good on the alloy panelling and suspension.  I found a 2litre Sierra estate on eBay for 25 just before we went on holiday for a fortnight.

In late August the donor was stripped.  The hubs have been welded and fitted, along with the rack, diff. brake cylinders and lines.  The handbrake from the Sierra has been used, mounted on two adaptor plates.  I have designed and fabricated a brace between the rear of the diff. and the vertical member of the watts link support.  Details available if anyone wants them.  Little progress was possible during the autumn and winter due to foster-care commitments, followed by a production of "Sleeping Beauty" in February 2004.  Meanwhile, I have been acquiring various bits and pieces.

I have decided to build a 'fast road' spec. Pinto engine based on my donor parts.  I had hankered after something more sophisticated but I will err on the side of caution as I have not rebuilt an engine before, and it is important to me to do as much as possible myself.  (I could always swap it for a Cosworth in the future - dream on!).  The plan is to complete in time for summer 2005.


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