Tony Healey


Well okay finished is not quite the words for it....

First registered December 2002
Mazda MX5 1600 engine and 5 speed box
Omex ECU and standard MX5 plenum chamber and injectors (100 bhp at rear wheels)

STACK instruments (Not fitted yet) using MX5 rev counter and a bike speedo which made the SVA tester chuckle.

I've done about 800 trouble free miles in it, most of it in icy sub zero temperature :) *grin* ps did I mention I haven't fitted the side screens and roof yet (apart from I think I've got a current leak so it goes flat after a few days of no use).

I haven't taken any more recent photos .. these were taken back before it was SVA'd (no windscreen or mirrors)

19/09/04 Update - Just had the car sprayed Honda “Supersonic Blue”. Other than that everythings pretty similar.  Got a roof and sidescreens, still haven’t fitted the STACK units yet.


New Paint job - Honda 'supersonic blue'  
New Paint job - Honda 'supersonic blue'  

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