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Posting Photos

Post by MattD »

Effort needed to allow pictures to be hosted by the club site. :!:

I have done an audit of my own posts & deleted some pics that are now a bit old hat.
They ranged from a few Kb to around 1.5Mb. It's the bigger ones I got rid of - saving 40 Mb on my own !!.

Perhaps you could do the same with yours :wink:
It's within your user control panel tools & you can sort by size if you click on the size column title.

The board has around 500 Mb of photo space which was full - hence the problem.
To control this I've reintroduced the sizing controls that Werner removed a while back.

Photo limits are now - 512Kb (0.5 Mb), 1024 x 768 pixels, limit of 6 per post.
Less is more... At 512K, the 40 Mb space I've created is about 80 photos, rather than the 20 it hosted previously. :roll:

This will likely mean that photos taken on recent cameras will need resizing down a bit.
You PC / Mac / or phone can do this quite easily.

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