where to put advertisements

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where to put the advertisers

Poll ended at Tue May 30, 2006 1:50 pm

seperate section on the forum
sticky topic in each tech section
No votes
let them contact me so i can put em on the site
No votes
ban them
No votes
Total votes: 4

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where to put advertisements

Post by Werner Van Loock »

I got the question to put up a section for advertisers or "supplier experiences and/or adresses"

It's not possible to put this on the website as I need permission then from the supplier/shop/business.

First option is to make a seperate advertisers section up.
Second is to make a sticky topic in each technical section.
Third is to let advertisers contact me to put them on the site.
Fourth is just to ban them from the forum, but I guess this is not a good option.

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