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alfablack wrote:Could be Rob, I had a motorbike with six piston calipers notorious for sticking pistons and boy that used to shake its head a bit when you grabbed a handful of brake. that's when you new a service was due. or new seal kits and that was a pain to do properly.
I have some fluid that we soaked the seals in for a few hours then put them in the calipers with rubber grease push the pistons in leaving of any outer seals then put them in a nice warm oven to bake the seals in place for can't remember now think it was 6 hours,
worked a treat till winter had done its thing
For some inexplicable reason the Stylus started first time today :o , after a blow heater warm up onto the water temp sensor (did that on Monday with no result :roll: ) . All I can think is that leaving on the trailer overnight on Sunday , after driving home from Eelmoor , it condensated in the head with the engine being pretty hot then no amount of whizzing around on the starter was going to fire it up. So that's cleared that mystery.
I found exactly the same caliper piston problems ie. sticky on just one , in the passenger side today so sorted that out . It was mentioned to me on another forum that possibly there may be something between the disc and hub bolted up face which would certainly cause a wobble. The discs have been bolted onto the hubs since 2007/8 and not been off since , so as the wobble wasn't present till this June at Goodwood , it couldn't be that BUT ----- I did put a little blue sealant on the wheel bolting face to hold some very thin spacers I tried on the front then discarded them as no benefit after driving it. I cleaned off (so I thought ) all the gunge before bolting the wheels back on without spacers. Anyway , today I had a really good look at the surfaces of the ally hub and wheel bolting faces . They looked clear apart from some dark areas showing black against the red hub face . I could barely feel any rise when sliding my finger across it but there was definitely a thou or so above the ally. Tried brake cleaner to no avail then used a very fine blade from a wall paper stripper at a shallow angle and that removed the black slightly rubbery stuff back to the ally hub surface.
I find it hard to believe this may be the cause either on it's own or connected to the pistons sticking BUT ---- we'll just have to wait and see next time on track :roll:
I just love the Stylus but she keeps swallowing £££ !
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