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Dimanche Sprint - Rushmoor Areana

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 9:12 am
by stylussprinter
I didn't compete but spent the day as 'Steward' for the event which kept me out of anything physical . The weather was outstanding for grip , being dry all day and really hot after 10-00am right through to 4-00pm after they'd all had 2 practice and 4 competition runs. Only two incidents with minor damage and no one hurt at all. It's a great venue to spectate too , if up on the paddock bank you can see all the course except the far hairpin which is rare for sprints. I'm not certain of the FTD but think it was 52 sec's by David Buttle in 'Roadgoing Kit' class 8 --- 2 sec's quicker than my best time there in 2006 of 54.25 sec's.
I must have another crack at it sometime but it's not in my Sprint Championship , so have skipped it for years to save entry fees for one that is :wink:
Good to see old faces and their cars still pushing hard and some new that weren't around when I was sprinting twice a month.