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Abingdon Car-nival

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:43 pm
by stylussprinter
I'll be marshalling at Abingdon Carnival Sprint this Saturday 7th June but not for the Rally on Sunday . Anyone fancy spectating where spectators can't get then contact me for Marshalling duty by Friday pm .

Re: Abingdon Car-nival

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:39 am
by stylussprinter
What a day :!: The rain in the morning was constant , the only change being it's intensity. Clouds of atomised water looking like smoke from blown engines and all cars simply cruising round. Standing and in many cases running water all around the track.
It's not possible to hold umbrellas and be prepared to red flag or assist drivers coming off track. Hence we were soaked from the knees down for beat part of three hours. Not great.
Only one really big off though --- a very well known Porsche GT3 came off before the Abingdon course Chicane , that driver estimated £50,000 to sort the damage. Huge spec even for a GT3 -- carbon wheels , brakes etc etc etc . All four wheels wrecked and exhaust ripped off plus other damage.

The drying track by 12-30 pm improved things then after only a 15 minute lunch break due to the morning off's and racing halted at one stage for half an hour , the afternoon gave us awesome spectator entertainment. Some VERY brave last corner entry speeds from a notable few. Escorts with obviously a rally set-up just about flat with inside wheels off and rear right on the floor on entry and exit. The single seaters were also having a huge scrap but a young guy in my friend Simon's old Jedi was VERY brave indeed and impresive to watch. A FORCE was equally impressive but just wasn't quite as much spectator fun , the Jedi screeming engine sounding so much quicker but possibly wasn't.
A friend of mine in his rebuilt Westy V8 500bhp 420ftlbs gave us a demonstration on how to drive in wet and dry. He was four secs infront of the second place car which was also huge bhp -- 360 from memory (Jeff Wltshire's supercharged 2lt Phoenix) I didn't actuallycheck the results sheet so will confirm later.