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GOODWOOD testing yesterday

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:56 am
by stylussprinter
I booked an afternoon session for my ALFA GTAm at Goodwood but had engine issues which require a rebuild. So having paid anyway(they won't refund)I took the Stylus , seeing as my season will shortly be disrupted by 'my own repairs' so my last chance for an adrenolin fix for a while :P
Great day , no rain and plenty of cars to measure up against. I'm always nervous on my first drive of the Stylus on circuit , after the 7mth winter layoff. Only car quicker yesterday was an instructor driven(David Brise)Porsche giving it's owner guidence. I did three sessions of 8 laps with breaks between and refuel(2 gall tank)lapping some cars once or twice in the session and a JAG XK three times in the same session. A few Caterhams tried me out but didn't get close enough to pass , so I pulled off then went out behind them. Passed one in a lap then the other took 5 laps. A rather tasty 400bhp Porsche went out behind me on my last session but could only keep pace in the distance and never got closer than the start distance.
Andy Clark(Alfa racer)came to help , carrying the jumpstarter around etc which was a real help , my shoulders giving me a lot of grief now. A brilliant day and the adrenolin dose to last me till I've had my op' and track driving again :lol:

Re: GOODWOOD testing yesterday

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:37 pm
by josephmoore
Sounds like a good bit of fun! Hopefully the op will be sorted soon and healed up before too long :)