IOWCC 2016 Season

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IOWCC 2016 Season

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Goal for the season: Podium finish at an event. I'll be amazed if I get a win with the competition as it is right now.


12th of 43 drivers - not the best start to the season. Man flu and the most demanding course on the calendar. New for this year was a 180 turn in the adjacent yard almost all of us kit car drivers tried to take it in a grip fashion (idle round in 2nd gear nice and tight) and failed. Some bailed out and put a shunt in - some misjudged it and ended up in a compost heap. I was one of the latter :oops: :oops: ... e=56F21505

No bad damage, just a little crack in the arch and a scuff on the light cover. Can't be too precious about it and it'll repair just fine.

I'm going to miss the next event due to a wedding, so I'm running with no drops now... this year's going to be tough.

For next time, I've got to fit a new steering wheel and replace the mirrors as they stick out too far and clip the new regulation 1 metre marker poles.

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