Floor pedal box bias adjustment

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Floor pedal box bias adjustment

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Just adjusted my new floor pedal set-up and found this link absolutely spot on and dead easy to understand .
Basically it says --------- don't touch any adjustment at all till you've bled the system . Then make sure that the rod of the cylinder on the front brakes is 6 to 10mm longer than the rear brake cylinder .(that was easy on mine because one was longer than the other by 10mm but not the right one so simply reversed them) Having done that ---------- never touch them again as they do not control balance but in those lengths are paramount to the final result.
NEXT --------- set the threaded bar towards the cylinder where you need/want most braking.
THEN ---------- test and adjust to your preference OR all the way to the front for SVA.

Rob.(thought it looked handy :wink: )
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