Build Manual

Welcome to the build manual for the Stylus Sports Cars. From this index page you can navigate your way around the various sections of the build manual. This manual is under continuous development and any useful feedback is always appreciated, please help us develop this guide further. The list presented below is a suggested sequence and does not necessarily have to be completed in the order below. Good luck with your build and remember that both SSC and the Club are available for assistance in the building of your Stylus or RT.

  1. Before You Start
  2. Donor Car and Parts
  3. Chassis Panels
  4. Front Suspension
  5. Rear Suspension (DeDeon)
  6. Rear Suspension (Live)
  7. Handbrake
  8. Brakes
  9. Petrol System
  10. Engine
  11. Radiator
  12. Inner Body
  13. Heater
  14. Main Body Tub
  15. Boot & Bonnet
  16. Doors
  17. Lights
  18. Wiring
  19. Dashboard
  20. Painting
  21. Windscreen & Wipers
  22. Seats & Belts
  23. Interior
  24. Finishing
  25. Legalising